Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the drive to perceive a better India

There are a number of organizations in India working towards charity for children. It is funding that makes the difference. The implementation of objectives and goals all depend on funding by the common masses, corporate bodies, govt. bodies and the like. And if you are donating to charity, you can help make that difference. This is the concept of almost all ‘charity for children’ organizations. It matters not the amount; even a few bucks or donating as per capacity can help. And all donations are equally significant which can go a long way in eradicating or at least alleviating the poverty, hunger, and hopelessness of the underprivileged children. Your donating to charity will no doubt bring a dramatic change in the life of many children. Contribute some amount as charity for children and see the needy children blossom.

I am a part of the drive towards changing the current facet to a better India. I donate for charity to children every month via the Plan India platform online and also take part in its developmental activities. I am serving exceeding my expectations as I am able to rope in more people, mostly relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and gym friends for donating to charity. If everyone of us contribute in this manner, all of us will soon perceive a better India in no time. My objective of writing this piece is to request you guys to donate at least a meager amount to be a part of this drive.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Charity for children by Slumdog Millionaire filmmakers

Guys, I came across this news about Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire filmmakers announcing an amount of £500,000 to Plan India, an underprivileged children's charity organization. The donation is meant for improving children's lives in Mumbai slums.

Many of us are unaware of what Plan India is; even I didn’t know about this organization. The news startled me. Let me brief you guys about this centre. This charity organization for children has already changed the course of the lives of over a million children including their families in India. It is a 30-year old organization in India, part of the 72-year old Plan International, an international body with presence in 68 countries. It collects donations and utilizes the amount for child protection, child participation, child education india, disaster preparedness, children’s health, water and environment sanitation, etc.

Why can’t we be a part of a developmental program, contributing to charity for children? We can make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children by supporting them and donating for them. Our charity for children via platforms like Plan India will facilitate a better and developed India in the future. You and even I notice so many underprivileged children on the streets, traffic signals, and slums. By donating to an underprivileged children’s charity organization, we can actively support child development programs over a long period for their complete upliftment till they become productive members of the nation. Guys, I am not lecturing…let us join the movement and support underprivileged children.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sponsor a child in India

Hello friends…today I am so happy…I donated for a noble cause, for a child charity. I have been planning since long to sponsor a child charity but was not finding a relevant platform. I did meet executives who advertise and attract people for donation at happening places, but I was somehow not satisfied with their authenticity.

The Internet served my purpose. I typed ‘sponsor a child charity’ in the search page. I am surprised to find so many organizations operational online. I browsed some ten pages to know about the child charity activities and about the respective companies. Plan India appealed to me the most. This child development centre functions with the objective to promote child rights at the same time improving the quality of life of vulnerable children. It has an all-India network with presence in 11 states in India. Plan India has a track record of directly contributing the lives of over a million children and their families till date since the year 1979. The three-decade old organization is the India chapter of Plan International, a 1937-founded body functioning in 68 countries. Plan India also takes part in other developmental activities like helping flood affected people and their children, earthquake victims, and the like.

I browsed through the programs, registered myself and paid the amount online. You guys should join the drive too. Why not sponsor a child in India? If you contribute more in amount, then sponsor a child charity. I bet you will feel contented at heart.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Donate for children

Hello friends, it is very saddening to see the plight of children begging at traffic signals or dancing to the tunes of drums for the passersby’s entertainment. I have also seen children working at ‘dhabas’, the roadside eateries and even small factories. Can’t we do something for them; measures like paying for their education, giving them space to live and so on? Donating to charity seems the best option. I browsed through the Internet and found a number of links that stand for the cause of child development. I happened to click on the link carrying information about Plan India. I really wanted to donate for children and I found this organization as a platform for sending some money.

Why I am writing here at this blog forum is to seek a bit of your help. If all of us donate for children, I think there will be no beggar children on the streets. There should also be a drive from the govt. and all existing NGOs to take care of these underprivileged children. Donating to charity will help these bodies take complete responsibility of every child right from their basic necessities to their education and final settlement.

I am truly in favor of donating to charity and creating a positive difference in every child via the charitable organization. I have even registered myself to take part in the activities of promoting the needy children towards the ladder of success. Donate for children and do get started for a ‘developed India’.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sponsor a child charity and let poverty vanish

Many an innocent smile that can make your day withers in poverty and other miseries of life. The sight of poor and helpless children begging or earning low wages at construction sites just melts our hearts. But have we ever done anything about this? You might have thought of donating to their cause but then as the red light turns green, the car moves on and the thought just vanishes.

Being a responsible citizen, it is our responsibility to donate for the cause of poor children who are exempted from the privilege of good education and a better lifestyle. A number of charitable organizations like Plan India have opened schemes like sponsor a child in India or sponsor a child charity. While you sponsor a child in India, you would donate monthly amount of money for the education, food and shelter of a child. You need not shed your sweat running through to the organizations, as you can easily send in your payment details online. The charities would then send you the details as to how your money was spent on the welfare of the child. Or instead you can sponsor a child charity and let the organization do the work for you.